Our Vision

Achieving Business practice of universal Standard by virtue of handling, generate to consume chain , for global goods.

5 E Scientific - About Us

5E Scientific aims to serve as an input pipeline to all pharmaceutical & chemical company to achieve value addition in all analytical, production and R & D activity of their product through-put process.

5E Scientific believes in more than 100% satisfaction of total customer base by virtue of prompt services endowed with best quality & economics.

Combine with the synergy of Knowledge, enthusiasm, resources & progressive outlook 5E Scientific aims to be a globally known company.

5E Philosophy is well covered in our name itself - 5E :- Five elements as per Ancient Indian belief of 1) Pruthvi - Land/solid. 2) Jal - Water/liquid. 3)Agni - Fire/heat. 4) Vayu - Air/gas 5) Aakash - Space/vacuum. Thus it covers all aspects of business we are into at the same time keeping us always aware about need to keep all this elements in their purest form & teaches us to live in perfect sync with all this basic elements and also having honesty , loyalty , & commitment to customers, society & environment with Symbiosis.

5E Scientific serves the needs of Pharmaceutical intermediate, bulk drugs, API manufacturers, Formulators, Fine chemical industry, Chemical Industry of all types, Food industry & also Analytical laboratories. 5E Scientific will serve them with R & D and analytical chemicals, reagents , equipments, & building blocks thereof.

With the advancement of globalization into one global village, basic requirement of all the value added output of all the business houses is highly focused on to best quality with consistency and here is our company 5E Scientific intend to carve out the niche for the outstanding existence of customer services. With the core competence in the analytics we intend to achieve pinnacle position of this fast growing sector.

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